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We are here to tell you how to invest in real estate.

What we do

◎ comprehensive real estate trade, we own two real estate offices in Krakow (apartments / houses / lots / commercial premises)komercja)
◎ we penetrate the market in search of the most interesting investment opportunities
◎ we prepare real estate purchase transactions
◎ we design interiors and carry out comprehensive renovation of premises
◎ we organize the sale of the finished apartments
◎ we coordinate the sale of the entrusted investment

What kind of apartments we are looking for?

◎ with a price lower than the market one
◎ with a location that allows you to easily attract tenants or quickly sell at a profit
◎ with no disadvantages (no balcony, loud outside noise etc.)
◎ with no legal defects (debt, mortgage etc.)
◎ with the possibility of reconstruction, e.g. adding extra rooms or dividing the premises into smaller ones
◎ to be renovated or refreshed

Are you looking for a guaranteed profit?

We will find a place that is an opportunity, verify it in legal terms and present it to you for analysis. You buy the premises to your name, so you have 100% investment security. We will professionally carry out: apartment design, renovation and reconstruction, and organize the sale of the premises. We guarantee our investors full security, professionalism and above-average returns on invested capital (ROI)

Do you want to earn money on renting?

You can choose one of our projects realizacji or commission us to prepare a ready investment. The increase in the value of apartments in Krakow is 10% per year - this is more than a bank deposit. At your request, we will not only increase the value of the property through professional renovation, decor and furniture, but also divide the premises into several smaller ones, find tenants and even arrange a lease.

How it works?

1. Experienced real estate agents from our offices help us penetrate the market in search of investment opportunities and sell our finished products after renovation in the form of ready-made apartments for clients.
2. Our innovative applications also support the process of acquiring bargain properties and selling them.
3. We use a network of contacts and methods developed over the years to obtain investment opportunities - this is the company's know-how.
4. We focus on acquiring apartments - investment opportunities in Krakow.


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